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  1. WATCH FULL PERFORMANCE - https://vimeo.com/760076474

    Jana's story about growing up begins with a vivid episode from childhood and leads through fragile relationships between daughter and father. It's a solo performance where she, together with the spectators, swims through past and present and touches the topics of parenting and misbehaving and questions how does the parental love manifest?
    All information in the performance is autobiographical.

    REVIEW - https://www.dance.lv/eng/2d-dance-between-love-and-abuse-jana-jacuka-performances-everythings-going-to-be-okay-review/

    Author, performer and text - Jana Jacuka

    Production: New Theater Institute of Latvia

    Duration: 25 min

    Premiere: 06/05/2019

    Performance is available in English, Latvian and Russian language.