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  1. “Physical Evidence Museum” at Auawirleben festival in Bern, 11-16 May 2022

    Museum was recreated in Switzerland with the help and contribution of local artists and women who shared their objects and stories:

    Authors: Laura Stašāne, Jana Jacuka
    Collaborators: Auawirleben festival
    Bern team: dramaturg Ruth Huber, scenographer Jasmin Wiesli, technical support: Petz Luginbühl, museum guard: Lou Steiger, producer Bettina Tanner
    Participants of the reading: Ruth, Nicolette, Isabelle, Silja, Asa, Bettina, Bea, Corina, Michelle, Denise, Anna, Sarah

    MORE INFO - https://auawirleben.ch/en/programm/physical-evidence-museum#/

    GET A TOUR - www.evidencemuseum.com